Dump That Manual Thermostat and Move Up to Programmable Thermostat

programmable thermostatsAlthough it may be simple and hard to kill, a manual thermostat in your southwest Florida home may be costing you more than necessary on monthly utility bills. If you move up to a programmable model, not only will you save money every month, but you’ll also benefit from the many other features that common programmable thermostats share. Read More »

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Fall May Be the Perfect Time to Install That New Central A/C in Your Southwest Florida Home

install new central A/CIf Southwest Florida proved to be too much for your old air conditioning system this year, you may not be in any rush to spend the money replacing it. That may be a mistake, however, because fall may just be the perfect time to install a new A/C system, for the following reasons: Read More »

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Take IAQ Seriously — It’s Affecting the HVAC System, Along With Your Lungs

IAQ and your HVAC systemWhen most people think about air quality and pollution, they think about the quality of the outdoor air. It may come as a surprise, however, that indoor air quality is often far worse than the outdoor air quality, with your exposure to harmful pollutants being up to 100 times greater inside your home than outside. Your HVAC system is often the first line of defense against irritants such as dust, dander, pollen, mold spores and smoke, and learning how indoor air quality and the HVAC system are interrelated can help you to keep the air in your home safe for your family. Read More »

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Using a Programmable Thermostat to Stay Cool or Warm, as Needed

using a programmable thermostatProgrammable thermostats are popular with those building new homes, as they’re almost always installed in new construction. But they’re gaining a lot of users in existing homes as well. A programmable thermostat works by kicking the A/C or furnace on or off at certain times of the day, depending on what temperature you want at a specific day and time. Read More »

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Your Ductwork: Why You Need an Occasional Inspection

ductwork inspectionAn essential part of maintaining the HVAC system in your Southwest Florida home is having an occasional inspection of the ductwork. Air ducts are the delivery system of your home’s conditioned air, and they’re also the method by which stale air is returned to the central equipment to be heated or cooled. Read More »

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Haven’t Used Your Southwest Florida Furnace Yet? You Still Need a Yearly Inspection

yearly inspection furnaceSouthwest Florida may not be as cold as the northern states in the winter, and your furnace may not work as hard as those in Chicago or New York, but it’s still important to keep the furnace maintained to save money on heating costs, ensure carbon monoxide safety, and help prevent common problems when you need heat the most. A yearly inspection in the fall will go a long way toward increasing energy efficiency in your home and extending the life of your heating equipment. Read More »

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HVAC Terms the Southwest Florida Homeowner Should Know About

HVAC termsKnowing what HVAC terms stand for helps you communicate with your HVAC contractor, along with helping you understand these systems better. Taken as a whole, the HVAC system is among the most complex you have for your home. When you know the most important components and concepts, it’s much simpler to communicate and make informed judgments and decisions.  Read More »

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Clean A/C Coils: Why They’re Important

clean A/C coilsKeeping the A/C coils of the cooling system clean makes a measurable difference in your energy bills and the longevity of the overall system. The coils circulate the refrigerant that makes cooling your home possible. When they’re dirty, their ability to exchange heat diminishes in proportion to the blockage. Read More »

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Get Tough With Allergy Triggers in Your Sarasota Home

allergy triggersIf anyone in your household suffers from allergies, exposure to everyday substances in your home can make life miserable. By taking the right steps to remove known triggers, you can help alleviate many allergy symptoms. Here’s how to get tough with some common allergy triggers in the home: Read More »

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Choose the Right Insulation: Fall Is Prime Time

choosing the right insualtionTrimming your cooling and heating bills by installing more insulation in your home this fall can pay you back many times by reducing conditioning costs. The amount of insulating material in the attic is especially important, since the roof has direct exposure to sunshine all day, unlike the exterior walls, where the sun hits them for shorter periods, and are more easily shaded than the roof. Read More »

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