5 Common Air Conditioning Troubleshooting Tips

When HVAC problems develop during the long cooling season, life can quickly become uncomfortable. To deter being sidelined by small problems that only require a quick fix, brush up on some basic air conditioning troubleshooting tips. If these don’t work, you’ll know it’s time to contact the professionals.

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The 4-Step Process the Pros Will Take for a Proper A/C Installation

If you’re planning to replace your home’s cooling equipment to save energy and increase comfort, keep in mind that proper A/C installation is just as important as the new unit’s efficiency rating. To get the greatest benefit from your investment, your HVAC contractor will follow a four-step process.

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5 Allergens That Commonly Cause Issues With Indoor Air Quality

Indoor allergy issues are a major concern in Florida, and a number of allergens are present in most homes, creating unpleasant symptoms and decreasing indoor air quality. But how do you mitigate allergies? Here are some of the allergens that may be causing indoor air quality issues in your home.

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Comparing Initial Costs and Lifetime Costs Before Buying That A/C Replacement

With summer quickly approaching, you may be eyeing several options as you consider an A/C replacement. It’s not a purchase you make very often, so you might be tempted to look at nothing but the initial cost. However, a new air conditioner is an investment you continue to put money into for the next decade or more. That’s why you must also consider the lifetime costs before buying that A/C replacement.

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Spring Marks the Time for Routine HVAC System Maintenance

Southwest Florida’s hot, humid summers place a high demand on your air conditioner, so it’s important to prepare your system for the coming cooling season. Some of this essential HVAC system maintenance you can do yourself, but other steps should be left to a professional.

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5 Principles That Guide Quality HVAC System Duct Design

In today’s new home construction or major renovation, duct design isn’t an afterthought. It’s built into the house from the drawing board up. The ductwork in a typical residence distributes about 1,400 cubic feet of air per minute to all parts of the home. When duct design and installation meet current industry standards, the system provides comfort and efficiency, as well as safeguarding indoor air quality. Where proper duct design is lacking, however, energy efficiency declines precipitously, operating costs rise and the healthy indoor environment is at risk.

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Are Your Home Windows Collecting Condensation?

Window condensation, a fairly common problem in Southwest Florida’s humid climate, does more than obscure your view. Condensation on home windows can lead to mold growth, as well as rot wood window frames. Because it’s a sign of an unhealthily high indoor humidity level, it’s wise to take steps to solve the problem.

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Demystifying Air Conditioning: Evaporator and Condenser Coils

The evaporator and condenser coils in your air conditioner aren’t coolness generators, per se. An A/C is actually a heat mover. It extracts heat energy from the air inside the house, moves it outdoors, and what’s left behind is simply the absence of heat. The evaporator and condenser coils are critical components in the closed-loop refrigeration system that gets the heat-moving done efficiently and effectively.

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Are the Windows in Your Home as Energy Efficient as They Could Be?

If you think about your thermal envelope — the barrier between your indoor air and the outside world — you may realize that windows represent a hole through which energy can escape. But windows also offer you ventilation, decoration and natural lighting — things you don’t want to do without. Fortunately, you can have the comfort of windows and still maintain efficiency by using energy efficient windows in your home.

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Is It Time to Upgrade Your Central Air Conditioner?

Your trusty central air conditioner has served you well for years, but now it’s beginning to show signs of wear and tear and require more repairs. It may even take too long to cool the space. These are all indicators that it may be time to consider an upgrade.

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