Air Cleaners: How They Help You Breathe Better in Your Sarasota Home

air cleanersPoor indoor air quality can cause health problems for the occupants of a home. The good news is that air cleaners can be used to improve indoor air quality for better health. Read More »

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Don’t Allow Springtime Allergies to Take Hold in Your Naples Home

Springtime AllergiesSpring is in full swing and along with it, springtime allergies are roaring to life. For many years, people thought the only way to live with allergies was to suffer through the symptoms, but now a lot more is known about allergies and how to lessen their impact on life. Read More »

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High Time in Southwest Florida for Your Spring A/C Service

Spring A/c ServiceNow’s the perfect time to take care of your spring A/C service to make sure that your unit is in good shape to take on Florida’s summer heat. There are several basic steps you can go through yourself to check to ensure the system is clean and in good working condition, but a professional maintenance session for a more advanced checkup of your A/C system is recommended. During this appointment, the HVAC technician can diagnose and prevent future problems and keep your system running efficiently. Read More »

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Changing Your Air Filter: What You Need to Know

changing your air filterHeating and air conditioning systems provide year-round home comfort for Southwest Florida homeowners. Inside these units, an air filter works to protect the system, as well as your home’s indoor air quality. Changing your air filter on a regular basis will ensure a long life for the mechanical equipment and your quality of life.  Read More »

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Installing Ductless Minis: A Job for a Pro, but With a Few Pre-Installation DIY Tasks

installing ductless mini Ductless mini split systems are becoming more popular as residential HVAC systems. Designed to provide access to both heating and cooling within a single room or in multiple rooms, these systems are easy to maintain and effective. However, when it comes to installing ductless minis, self-installation by the homeowner is generally discouraged.  Read More »

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How Do Electrostatic Filters Work?

electrostatic air filtersAre you tired of constantly purchasing flimsy fiberglass air filters for your HVAC system? Electrostatic filters are a more environmentally-friendly option, allowing for improved indoor air quality with a long-lasting, reusable filter.  Read More »

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How Long Should Your Heat Pump Last?

heat pumpHeat pumps are often seen here in Southwest Florida to maintain comfortable temperatures for swimming pools, but they can also be ideal for meeting your home heating and cooling needs. Heat pumps can operate at as little as a quarter the cost of a normal HVAC system, saving you money while reducing your energy consumption. Read More »

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4 Pointers for More Efficient Heating and Cooling in Your Naples Home

efficient heating and coolingBetween saving money and going green, there are many reasons for homeowners to look into more efficient heating and cooling options for Southwest Florida homes. Use these heating and cooling tips as a start and watch your utility bills drop. Read More »

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Tight Ductwork Helps You Save Energy, Winter or Summer

ductworkIf your home’s equipped with a forced-air heating and cooling system, ducts are used to deliver the conditioned air into your home. These ducts are often hidden inside walls, ceilings, attics and basements, making it difficult to see if you have any air leaks. When air escapes through holes, cracks or gaps in the ductwork, it not only increases your monthly utility expenses, but it also makes your home feel less comfortable to be in. Tight ductwork is vital for keeping your HVAC system working as efficiently as possible.  Read More »

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When a Higher Efficiency Air Filter Is Worth the Extra Cost

higher efficiency air filterA comfortable home depends on having clean, filtered air. Keeping dust and allergens under control is the job of your HVAC system’s air filter, and all air filters aren’t created equal. You can choose the bargain option, but it won’t have the benefits a higher efficiency air filter provides. Read More »

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