HVAC Terms the Southwest Florida Homeowner Should Know About

HVAC termsKnowing what HVAC terms stand for helps you communicate with your HVAC contractor, along with helping you understand these systems better. Taken as a whole, the HVAC system is among the most complex you have for your home. When you know the most important components and concepts, it’s much simpler to communicate and make informed judgments and decisions.  Read More »

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Clean A/C Coils: Why They’re Important

clean A/C coilsKeeping the A/C coils of the cooling system clean makes a measurable difference in your energy bills and the longevity of the overall system. The coils circulate the refrigerant that makes cooling your home possible. When they’re dirty, their ability to exchange heat diminishes in proportion to the blockage. Read More »

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Get Tough With Allergy Triggers in Your Sarasota Home

allergy triggersIf anyone in your household suffers from allergies, exposure to everyday substances in your home can make life miserable. By taking the right steps to remove known triggers, you can help alleviate many allergy symptoms. Here’s how to get tough with some common allergy triggers in the home: Read More »

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Choose the Right Insulation: Fall Is Prime Time

choosing the right insualtionTrimming your cooling and heating bills by installing more insulation in your home this fall can pay you back many times by reducing conditioning costs. The amount of insulating material in the attic is especially important, since the roof has direct exposure to sunshine all day, unlike the exterior walls, where the sun hits them for shorter periods, and are more easily shaded than the roof. Read More »

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Enjoy These Ways to Get Back-to-School Energy Savings

Energy SavingsOver the summer season, your children probably sucked up your home’s energy like a vacuum cleaner. Thanks to the fall season, you can begin concentrating on back-to-school energy savings that will benefit your monthly utility bill. We’ve outlined some of our favorite tips for your convenience right here: Read More »

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How Can Energy-Efficient Home Lighting Truly Bring Utility Bills Down?

Energy-Efficient Home LightingWith energy prices continuing to rise, reducing the energy usage in your Southwest Florida home can not only help the environment, but it can also help reduce monthly utility bills. One of the easiest ways to start saving money is by upgrading your home’s current lighting system. By simply replacing traditional incandescent bulbs with newer, energy-efficient home lighting options, you can reduce the amount of money you spend on lighting by up to 80 percent. Read More »

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Are You Making Any of These Air Conditioning Mistakes in Your Florida Home?

air conditioning mistakesIt’s absolutely critical in the southwestern Florida climate to get the most from a cooling system, but if you’re making any of these air conditioning mistakes, you may have high cooling bills and compromised comfort. The most common mistakes cause varying degrees of system dysfunction, some of which are easy to fix, while others have few solutions. Read More »

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Understanding How Ceiling Fans Cool You and Your Family, Not the Rooms You’re In

ceiling fansIf you’ve ever noticed how a brisk wind makes a chilly winter day feel even colder than it actually is, you already know how ceiling fans make rooms in the house seem cooler without lowering the thermostat. The familiar wind chill effect refers to the sensation of coolness that occurs from air moving over the skin. Body heat is removed more efficiently and the perception of coolness is enhanced. The benefits of ceiling fans have been realized for a century or more. As the first electrical home comfort appliance, these slowly rotating paddle fans kept air moving and occupants comfortable decades before air conditioning.
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When Hiring an HVAC Contractor, Seek the Credentials Trifecta

Hiring an HVAC ContractorWhen you’re searching for an HVAC contractor, you want to hire the very best to guarantee the safety and comfort of your household. There are three key credentials that can provide peace of mind, so always ask if a contractor is licensed, bonded and insured. Let’s look at the benefits these credentials bring you when you’re hiring an HVAC contractor: Read More »

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A Hurricane Preparedness Guide to Make You Calm Before the Storm

Hurricane PreparednessHurricane season is rolling in, but many households are still unprepared for the havoc it might cause. But hurricane preparedness is like an umbrella: It’s better to have it and not needed it than to need it and not have it. Be ready with this Hurricane Preparedness Guide before the tropical storm hits your area. Read More »

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