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Make Sure You Choose an Energy Efficient Heat Pump for Your Pool

Heat pumps don’t generate heat; they use electricity to move heat from one place to another. Using the principles of refrigeration makes heat pumps very efficient. When choosing a pool

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These Ceiling Fan Tips Will Keep You Cool in the Warm Months

Ceiling fans make occupants in a room feel up to seven degrees cooler through the wind chill effect. With consistent ceiling fan use, you have the potential to save substantial

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Are You Heating and Cooling Your Home Efficiently?

You’re like a lot of homeowners if you take your home’s heating and cooling systems for granted. The equipment kicks on, cools or warms the house, turns off, and you

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Your Heat Pump’s Days Are Numbered, But Getting a New, More Efficient Model Can Be a Boon

It’s been a few years since you’ve lasted purchased a heat pump and so far, it’s given you years of reliable service. But no appliance lasts forever and, contrary to popular

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Learn to Recognize Good HVAC Customer Service

Eventually, a service technician will need to come to your home to perform maintenance or repairs on the heating and cooling system. And all of these systems at some point require

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Do You Know How to Set the Temperature for Your Ductless Mini Split?

More and more Southwest Florida homeowners are opting for ductless mini split heat pumps. A ductless mini split provides a variety of advantages, including individual temperature control for the area where

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How to Select the Right Thermostat Upgrade for Your Southwest Florida Home

The thermostat in your home is a much more important part of the HVAC system than you probably realize. It doesn’t just regulate the temperature. Upgrading a thermostat to a

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Does Rain Impact the Air Conditioning Unit Outside my Southwest Florida Home?

Have you ever watched a Florida deluge outside your windows and wondered, “does rain affect my air conditioning unit?” If so, you’re not alone. It’s a common concern among owners of

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Don’t Accidentally Void an HVAC Warranty by Making These Mindless Mistakes

If you’ve recently purchased a new HVAC system or a home with a transferable heating and cooling system warranty, take care to minimize voiding an HVAC warranty accidentally. Heating and cooling systems

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Adequate Attic Ventilation Prevents Expensive Damage to the Roof of Your Florida Home

Having adequate attic ventilation, particularly in our climate, will help cut cooling costs and prevent serious damage to your home’s roof. Since our summers are hot and sunny, the roof

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