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Is Your Home’s Ductwork Design Effective? How and Why Testing Matters

An efficient cooling system is a must in the hot, humid climate of Southwest Florida. An effective ductwork design is a key system component that’s often overlooked when it comes

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Competent Professional Air Conditioner Installation Is the Only Way to Go

How well your HVAC contractor executes your home’s air conditioner installation will determine whether or not your new system lives up to its energy-efficiency rating. The installation process is critical

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3 A/C Efficiency Ratings Every Southwest Florida Homeowners Should Know

The U.S. Department of Energy sets standards for A/C efficiency ratings to help consumers select cooling systems, whether they’re central or portable. HVAC equipment uses the most energy of any

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Central Air Conditioning FAQs Southwest Florida Homeowners Often Ask

If you are facing the A/C repair or replace dilemma, or considering installing a new central air conditioning system as an upgrade or for a new home, you may have

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The Importance of an Air Conditioning Tune-Up: Why to Schedule One Now

Is your home’s air conditioning system ready to tackle the warm weather months? An air conditioning tune-up gives you the opportunity to ensure that your A/C is up to the

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Closing Up Your Florida Home for the Summer? Smart Tips to Keep It Safe and Sound

If you’re planning on closing up your Florida home for summer, it’s important to make sure that it remains secure so you return to the same refuge that you left.

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A/C Refrigerant Basics: What’s the Difference Between R-22 and R-410A?

Your next air conditioner will greatly benefit from the difference between R-22 and R-410A refrigerant. Any new unit purchased today comes from the manufacturer pre-charged with R-410A, the approved replacement

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Programmable Thermostat on the Blink? A Troubleshooter’s Checklist

The installation of a programmable thermostat is one of the best investments you can make for your Southwest Florida home. But what do you do when it’s experiencing problems? Simply

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Central Air Conditioning: Here’s How It Works in Your Naples Home

The most common way to keep homes in the Naples area cool is by using a central air conditioning system or a heat pump. Both use refrigerant that removes the

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What Is SEER, and Why Should a Homeowner Pay Heed to It?

When it comes time for an A/C replacement for your Southwest Florida home, SEER is an important acronym to know regarding cooling efficiency, comfort and lower cooling bills. Here’s why.

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