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You’ve Heard of HEPA Filtration, But When Might You Need It?

Many people have heard of the specially designed air filters known as HEPA, but what exactly are they and what makes them so special? HEPA stands for “high efficiency particulate

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Do You Know the Insulation R-Values for Your Region?

Insulating your home is a key step in maximizing your heating and cooling efforts and can provide huge overall savings in climate control costs. When choosing insulation, it’s important to

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Air Cleaners: How They Help You Breathe Better in Your Sarasota Home

Poor indoor air quality can cause health problems for the occupants of a home. The good news is that air cleaners can be used to improve indoor air quality for

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Don’t Allow Springtime Allergies to Take Hold in Your Naples Home

Spring is in full swing and along with it, springtime allergies are roaring to life. For many years, people thought the only way to live with allergies was to suffer

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High Time in Southwest Florida for Your Spring A/C Service

Now’s the perfect time to take care of your spring A/C service to make sure that your unit is in good shape to take on Florida’s summer heat. There are

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Changing Your Air Filter: What You Need to Know

Heating and air conditioning systems provide year-round home comfort for Southwest Florida homeowners. Inside these units, an air filter works to protect the system, as well as your home’s indoor

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Installing Ductless Minis: A Job for a Pro, but With a Few Pre-Installation DIY Tasks

Ductless mini split systems are becoming more popular as residential HVAC systems. Designed to provide access to both heating and cooling within a single room or in multiple rooms, these

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How Do Electrostatic Filters Work?

Are you tired of constantly purchasing flimsy fiberglass air filters for your HVAC system? Electrostatic filters are a more environmentally-friendly option, allowing for improved indoor air quality with a long-lasting,

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How Long Should Your Heat Pump Last?

Heat pumps are often seen here in Southwest Florida to maintain comfortable temperatures for swimming pools, but they can also be ideal for meeting your home heating and cooling needs.

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4 Pointers for More Efficient Heating and Cooling in Your Naples Home

Between saving money and going green, there are many reasons for homeowners to look into more efficient heating and cooling options for Southwest Florida homes. Use these heating and cooling

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