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Considering The Switch To Heat Pump Heating And Cooling? What You Need To Know

Heat pumps offer an effective way to heat and cool your home in Southwest Florida. These appliances move heat from one place to another, regardless of season.

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Selecting A New Heat Pump? What HSPF And SEER Mean To You

Heat pumps are very efficient comfort options for Southwest Florida homeowners. Because of our hot summers and milder winters, heat pumps offer an efficient alternative to straight cooling and strip heat

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Disappointed In Your A/C This Year? Upgrade Now And Take Advantage of 2011 Tax Credits

Did your air conditioner turn in a less-than-perfect performance this past cooling season? Are you thinking of upgrading to a more efficient system that could keep you more comfortable and save

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Three HVAC Terms Every Florida Homeowner Should Know

When it comes to HVAC know-how, there are a lot of terms and information out there. That’s why technicians receive years of training! For the average Florida homeowner, it’s not possible

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Why are SEER Ratings Important?

You may have heard about SEER ratings.  Today, we’ll go over what these ratings mean and why they matter.  SEER is all about efficiency, so anyone installing a new A/C

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